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7 November 2006, 8pm FREE
CFA Cinema
Wesleyan University, Middletown CT

1st Set:
From Germany: Annette Krebs (electroacoustic guitar)
2nd Set:
Annette Krebs (electroacoustic guitar)
Bhob Rainey (soprano saxophone)
Andrew Raffo Dewar (soprano saxophone)
Rachel Thompson (violin)
Jonathan Zorn (analog electronics).

13 October 2006 9pm $5
The Creek and the Cave
10-93 Jackson Ave, Long Island City, NY

Andrew Raffo Dewar (soprano saxophone), Phillip Schulze (live electronics).

13 September 2006, 6pm
New Britain City Hall, New Britain CT
W. Main St.

Improvisations: Andrew Raffo Dewar (soprano saxophone), Phillip Schulze (live electronics), Kate March and Jessica Noe (Dance).

28 July 2006, 8pm
The Buttonwood Tree, Middletown CT
605 Main St.

1st Set:
Tatsuya Nakatani solo percussion.
2nd Set:
Tatsuya Nakatani (percussion)
Andrew Raffo Dewar (soprano saxophone)
Jonathan Zorn (analog electronics).

9 July 2006, 8pm
1510 8th St Performance Space, Oakland CA
2 blocks from West Oakland BART station

1st Set: Compositions
Andrew Raffo Dewar (soprano saxophone, composer)
Gino Robair (percussion, analog synth)
John Shiurba (guitar)
2nd Set: Improvisations
Andrew Raffo Dewar (soprano saxophone)
Aurora Josephson (voice)
Jacob Lindsay (clarinets)
Gino Robair (percussion, analog synth)
Damon Smith (bass)

3 July 2006, 10pm
The Stone, NYC
corner of Ave C & 2nd St

U.S. Premiere of Music for 8 Bamboo Flutes (2004).
A composition using multiple bamboo flutes to construct, stretch and splinter a single long melody line, creating psychoacoustic phenomena along the way. Dedicated to Thai artist Inson Wongsam, who in 1962 packed a motor scooter full of his art and rode from Thailand to Italy.

2 July 2006, 8pm
The Stone, NYC
corner of Ave C & 2nd St

Andrew Raffo Dewar performs feedback rebab in Chris Miller's composition "Klunk, Whir" and walking finger cymbals in Miller's piece "Walk".

3 June 2006, 8:30pm
Music at 733
733 Metropolitan Ave #2
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

1st set:Stephen Flinn (drums) and Kevin Uehlinger (electric piano)
2nd set:Trio improvisations with Maria Chavez (turntables), Andrew Raffo Dewar (soprano saxophone) and Andrew Lafkas (contrabass).

20 May 2006, 8pm
The Chocolate Factory
Long Island City, Queens

Andrew Raffo Dewar (soprano saxophone) performs in Sabrina Schroeder's "All Snap Flags," on a bill of new compositions shared with Aaron Siegel.

28 April 2006, 8pm
Wesleyan Memorial Chapel
Wesleyan University, Middletown CT

Andrew Raffo Dewar (soprano saxophone), Paul Giallorenzo (synthesizer), Jonathan Chen (violin), Aaron Siegel (percussion), Jonathan Zorn (electronics).

16-19 March 2006 8pm and 10pm sets
$27.50 cover, $10 minimum (1/2 price for students)
Iridium Jazz Club, NYC
1650 Broadway @ 51st St

Andrew Raffo Dewar (soprano and c-melody saxophones, Bb clarinet) performs with the Anthony Braxton 12(+1)tet.

24 February 2006, 8pm, $10
Issue Project Room, Brooklyn, NY
400 Carroll St. between Bond and Nevins

Improvisations with Andrew Raffo Dewar (soprano saxophone), Maria Chavez (turntables), Bryan Eubanks (open circuit electronics), Andrew Lafkas (contrabass), Aaron Siegel (percussion), Rachel Thompson (violin) and Jonathan Zorn (analog electronics).

18 February 2006, 8pm
Crowell Concert Hall, Wesleyan University
Middletown, CT

Premiere of the second half of "Soundmap of Borges' Ultima Resplandor" (2005-06). Andrew Raffo Dewar (composer, soprano saxophone), Anne Rhodes (voice), Loren Kiyoshi Dempster (cello).

3 February 2006, 8pm
Crowell Concert Hall, Wesleyan University
Middletown, CT

Performance of "Wishing Well for Piano" (2005) by Argentine pianist Walter Frank.


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